Board Evaluations

A board evaluation measures the accountability, transparency, and effectiveness of board members. Conducting successful board evaluations requires proper preparation and consideration and should be proportionate to the size of your company.

Position Your Board for Success

The benefits of a board review vary hugely from client to client, depending on their starting points and objectives. At a generic level, it’s a way of improving board effectiveness, meeting compliance requirements, benchmarking the board against current best practice, identifying scope for improving board performance, and helping develop an action plan to achieve those improvements.

On a more specific basis, it might help resolve conflict within the board, address a structural issue, smooth a transition, revitalise the board, improve the performance of individual directors, and raise attention from operational issues to the strategic direction of the organisation.

Board effectiveness evaluations are increasingly acknowledged as a vital process for improving board performance and dynamics whatever the size, status or type of organisation. At Kin Company Secretarial, our philosophy is that a highly effective board of directors makes a significant contribution to the success of the organisation beyond its statutory requirements and is a powerful source of added value for the organisation and their key stakeholders.

The UK Corporate Governance Code provides that your board should review itself once annually and conduct an externally facilitated board evaluation at least every three years. The boards of UK listed companies are required to disclose the results of their evaluation in their annual reports and accounts.

The comprehensive nature and objectivity of our evaluation programme will, if thoroughly embraced by the board and executive team, establish a strong foundation to assess the current strengths and weaknesses of the board and drive a measurable plan of sustained improvement.

Whatever the specific benefits that might accrue in your particular circumstances, an effective board review is one that is not only relevant, practical and adds value but one that is also a catalyst for self-reflection and a call to action.

Get in touch with us today if you want to learn more about the stages of our external board evaluation programme. All effectiveness evaluations are tailored specific to your company’s needs and objectives which we will discuss with you in advance.