Non-Executive Director (NED) Inductions & Recruitment

The UK Corporate Governance Code requires a full, formal and tailored induction for new directors on joining the board. Our team of chartered company secretaries are pleased to assist in the preparation of a seamless and thorough onboarding of new non-executive directors (NEDs) to your board.

Non-Executive Director (NED) Onboarding & Inductions

The service is bespoke to the needs of your board of directors and includes preparation of induction packs and information that would greatly assist your new director in their role including informing them of their director’s duties and the UK corporate governance landscape.

Our services also include the production of suitable letters of appointment and directors’ indemnity contracts as required and ensuring the incoming NED is well informed of their obligations under the UK Market Abuse Regime (UK MAR).

Our suite of induction resources aim to keep the incoming director well informed and provide a useful tool of resources that they can consult as they settle into their new role.

Non-Executive Director (NED) Recruitment

We work with credible recruitment partners and non-executive search firms who specialise in the headhunting and placement of NEDs.

If you are looking to diversify and grow your board to ensure you have the correct balance of skills and expertise at board level, get in touch today to see how we can assist in facilitating your search.