Company Secretarial Support & Entity Management

Kin CoSec are pleased to offer an extensive range of bespoke company secretarial support services tailored to the individual needs of your business. Our services aim to support organisations to function efficiently and meet their standard statutory compliance requirements.

Company Secretarial Support

A Company Secretary is a valuable resource in ensuring the maintenance of your company’s statutory records and in overseeing proper process is followed for all Companies House filings and share related transactions. This is especially important if you have ambitions to scale your business and seek new investment. Having Kin CoSec look after your books will help to ensure a smooth and efficient due diligence process.

Some of the services we offer to UK private limited companies and limited liability partnerships are as follows:

  • Reconciliation of Companies House records
  • Acting Share Registrar
  • Maintenance of all standard company statutory records (applicable from the date of engagement and using the last agreed position in relation to the company shares), including register of members, directors and secretaries and PSC’s registers and provided on request
  • Annual confirmation statement filing of CS01 and/or SLP CS01 forms
  • Appointment and resignation of an officer of the company
  • Change of details for an officer
  • Change of accounting reference date
  • Change of a company’s registered office
  • Adding or removing a PSC
  • Change of details for a PSC
  • Reminders for Annual Filing of Company’s Accounts
  • Registered Office Address and Official Mail forwarding service not applicable to Scottish companies
  • Appointed as Company Secretary (if required)
  • Any allotment on a date for a class of shares at a price per share to one shareholder
  • Any single share transfer from one shareholder to another
  • Setting up a new share class
  • Subdividing a new share class
  • Consolidating a share class
  • Redenominating a share class
  • Redesignating a share class
  • Adding or removing a charge
  • Company name change
  • Filing of articles of association with Companies House
  • Filing of shareholder resolutions with Companies House
  • Filing of dormant accounts with Companies House

Entity Management

Our dedicated team of CoSecs offer full subsidiary management and governance for your group companies.

If you have any questions about the specific services we offer and our considering seeking company secretarial support, please do not hesitate to reach us today at: